Sayama’s Tea Secrets

Sayama’s Tea Secrets

Sayama’s unique climate is responsible for producing arguably the tastiest and healthiest green tea crop in Japan…but don’t tell anyone!

In short: it’s quite cold there, which means the tea plants have evolved and work extra hard to survive by growing thick leaves. When processed into tea, these thick leaves deliver a distinct rich flavour and the highest levels of beneficial antioxidants found in tea - this is why Cup of Japan targets the Sayama region for the best green tea.

Sayama is in the Saitama prefecture (North-west of Tokyo) and produces the finest green teas in Japan, but only in small-batches. Tea from Sayama is quite rare as tea production is much smaller than in other tea-growing regions and Sayama green tea rarely travels far from Japan due to its popularity & limited availability. We have made it our mission to help international tea-lovers discover and access green tea that was previously unavailable.

Sayama is also close to Cup of Japan’s Tokyo base so convenient for ongoing communication and collaboration with our local farming communities.

Cup of Japan has worked with local farmers to curate a number of distinct Sayama teas (Matcha & Sencha) which are available individually or as a set at