Cup of Japan's Vision

To celebrate and sustain the tea growing craft in Japan.

Cup of Japan's Mission

Support local farmers to access international tea-lovers and sustain their heritage through fair pricing & meaningful collaboration.

How it started

Wine connoisseur and entrepreneur Asako Goto was surprised to discover that, unlike fine wines, Japanese teas had not really travelled far from their origin and tea farmers were quite domestically focused. Asako’s passion for connecting Japan with the rest of the world inspired Cup of Japan to change this. Cup of Japan was created to help farmers scale internationally by providing tea lovers across the globe direct access to Japan’s wonderfully unique tea and tea culture.

The Cup of Japan team are passionate about sustaining the craft of tea growing in Japan and opening the door to premium tea products previously unavailable overseas.

Our 4 Pillars

DESIGN drives everything we do and is at the heart of our brand inspiring us to achieve our 4 pillars:


Enabling direct access to Japan’s finest local teas previously unavailable to international customers


Showcasing consistently the highest quality teas personally selected and curated with the farmers


Supporting communities of small-batch Japanese premium tea farmers and sustain their craft


Respectfully building on the ancestral heritage of Japanese tea culture in a unique, fresh and modern way


We are passionate about sharing several hundred years of tradition in a new way to allow easy access to the hidden world of Japanese tea