Sustaining Green Tea Craftsmanship

Sustaining Green Tea Craftsmanship

One of Cup of Japan’s four pillars is community.

We work closely with communities of small-batch Japanese green tea farmers to sustain their business & craft by agreeing fair pricing arrangements and providing a direct link from their farms to new customers around the world.

Supporting the green tea farmers has become more critical than ever due to COVID-19 as a number of usually dependable large orders are not there from the likes of hotels and restaurants.

The first harvest has recently completed and our farmers have an abundance of the freshest and best quality green tea, which is putting a question mark over the second harvest and, potentially more tragically, the future of green tea growing in Japan.

Cup of Japan is currently working with the farmers to select their finest small-batch green teas to sell through our platform. If you are interested to learn more or buy green tea from the first harvest, please view our products here: