Refresh with Wakamushi

Refresh with Wakamushi

MEBAE is our best-selling green tea because it is agile, easy-to-drink and refreshingly light.

Not a big green tea drinker? Or only a fan of Matcha? Well MEBAE is the perfect introduction to Japanese sencha green tea. It’s delicate and fresh aroma & taste is achieved through WAKAMUSHI processing where the leaves are lightly steamed for a short period.

MEBAE can be enjoyed at any time and is agile enough to pair with most foods and occasions – below are a few suggestions of how wakamushi sencha can add a fresh and light bounce to your day:

  • Wakamushi at breakfast: Goes naturally with a Japanese breakfast if you are into rice, natto and grilled fish, but it is also a perfect partner to a Western breakfast…even just a piece of toast
  • Wakamushi reset: Light green tea like MEBAE act as the perfect palate cleanser, so ideal for refreshing your taste buds after eating as well as aiding digestion
  • Wakamushi with friends: With 1-2 servings of tea leaves you are able to re-steep enough to make cups of green tea for lots of friends (Japanese people just keep re-steeping although taste is impacted)
  • Wakamushi mocktail: Once you have enjoyed the 3 recommended re-steeps, make a big batch and cool it. Serve it on ice with fresh mint and a lemon slice for a very refreshing brew on a hot day

        The farmer for MEBAE is Okutomi-san and it comes from the Sayama region in Japan: view full profile for MEBAE. All our unique small-batch green teas are direct from the local farmers in Japan and help sustain their craft.