Driven by Purpose

Driven by Purpose

Cup of Japan’s purpose is to sustain the tea growing heritage & craft in Japan through direct and meaningful collaboration with the farmers.

The ways in which we support and partner with local Japanese growers to achieve this are:

  • Fair Pricing: Over the years farmer’s margins have been ground down by big buyers – we agree and guarantee a fair price to ensure their sustainability.
  • Branding: Much of the green tea in Japan lacks basic branding – we have created a well-designed and appealing branding approach farmers can apply to their unique teas.
  • Ecommerce: Many farmers don’t have the capability to sell online – we provide them with an established eccommerce platform to sell their small-batch tea directly to customers around the world.
  • Internationalization: Green Tea is created for customers in Japan – we ensure products are optimized for international customers via translation into English, clear information and tasting guides.
  • New Customers: Very challenging for farmers to attract new customers – we actively invest in paid & organic digital marketing activities to build a robust customer base across markets.

We are proud to be driven by this purpose and pleased with what we have been able to achieve since we started in June 2020.

We strive to continue building our farmer community across Japan to help as many farmers as possible, whilst working with them to hand-select and curate the most unique and highest quality small-batch teas for our customers.